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The Candy Strand
If that wasn`t sweet enough, all designs are made by locals too. If you adored this post and you would like to get even more information relating to The Candy StrandWomens ClothesWomens TopsWomen BottomsWomen DressesWomen TanksWomen WrapsTrestles TopsFlutter TopsWomen Clothes AccessoriesCinched BikiniHigh WaistedWide Strap TankBikini Cinched Bottoms kindly browse through our page. Our Candy Strand team is always happy to serve you. Inspired by surf style, their swimwear is made to be Modest, Comfortable, Cute and even Reversible! Sweet Swimwear from the Strands of San Clemente
The Candy Strand was started by two beach-loving SoCal girls who can always be found by the water.
Please email us with any concerns or suggestions-- info@thecandystrand. Tankinis, Bandeau`s, One Pieces High Waisted and Cinched Bikini swim tops and swim bottoms are just a few swimwear styles that we offer! Say -goodbye- to unwanted tan lines, uncomfortable underwire and -hello- to ultimate comfort and Sweet, Surfer, Swim style!
All Swimwear is made by So Cal Locals in the USA!
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